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 Anthony O'Donnell

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Anthony O'Donnell has covered technology in the insurance industry since 2000, when he joined the editorial staff of Insurance & Technology. As an editor and reporter for I&T and the InformationWeek Financial Services of TechWeb he has written on all areas of information technology in the property/casualty, life and health insurance industries, following the trends and issues faced by senior technology executives. In addition to reporting and editorial duties for I&T, O'Donnell also serves as a moderator and speaker at industry events and broadcasts. He began his editorial career in the healthcare industry where he reported and edited for medical publications with a variety of audiences, from the general public to physicians and researchers. He has also worked in the healthcare field as a media relations professional and Spanish/English interpreter/translator, and has taught English composition and conversation classes to native speakers of Spanish, both in the United States and in Latin America. O'Donnell lives in the Portland, Oregon area with his wife and two sons.

Articles by Anthony O'Donnell
posted in February 2008

Forget About Global Warming

At least up until 2005, global warming was often cited as the likely culprit of increasingly devastating Atlantic hurricanes, as with other weather and climate phenomena. Rising ocean temperatures were thought to provide more energy, powering increasingly powerful storms. It's a simple enough formula, and rising insurance claim costs seemed to bear it out. However, according to a recent announcement fr

The carrier's green ambitions grew out of its IT successes, according to Boyd. "As we saw the effectiveness of our imaging and workflow in establishing a truly paperless environment, we started thinking about work-from-home [arrangements]. It became obvious that many of our jobs could be done wherever a high-speed connection existed," he relates.

Banks Might Try Differentiation Through Honesty

Customers are responsible for their contractual relationships to their lenders and thus must exercise due diligence when it comes to the wording of their contracts. However, the message many banks are sending their customers is, "Don't take your eyes off me or I'll pick your pocket."

A TSA Blog With a Comments Section? Why Not Rename It "Kick Me, Please"

The appearance of the Transportation Security Administration's blog occasioned a great deal of mirth both within and beyond the blogosphere. The TSA has been reviled, justly or not, for greatly increasingly air travelers' inconvenience while not necessarily increasing their safety to a proportionate degree. The TSA's launching a blog and one, moreover, that accepted comments, was like pinning a "kick me" sign to one's back.

Regence Tackles Infrastructure Challenges

Regence also is in the midst of converting to a fully converged VOIP network that Kerry Goff, director of production delivery and support, says will be largely completed by the end of 2008.

Regence Group’s Goff Embraces Infrastructure Challenges

Among the challenges Kerry Goff's group faces is coping with aged data centers in an era when data proliferates at a tremendous rate. "We are about 95 percent sure that the majority of our data centers will be hosted rather than internal, and that presents a significant challenge with respect to the execution of data migration in a cost-contained manner," Goff says.

CNA Builds Out Underwriting Data Marts.

Using Business Objects XI, CNAA is driving its massive, multiyear Merlin business intelligence initiative into the underwriting data realm to the enterprise data warehouse by creating its sixth data mart, this time for the P&C carrier's property book of business

Insurers Seek Competitive Edge Through Underwriting Analytics

Insurers that can solve the inherent data challenges and secure the necessary expertise are using analytics both at the micro level of pricing and at the macro level of product-portfolio and line-of-business performance to carve out competitive advantage in an increasingly commoditized business.

As recent acquisitions in the content management space by HP and EMC demonstrate, in a Web-based world, solutions that focus on the end product rather than the storage location of content are becoming a focus of enterprise-wide content management solutions.

Virtual Universe, Real World Troubles

It's ironic that we rely on the global Internet for the transmission of vast amounts of accurate real-time information and yet we can't get reliable information about the infrastructure that enables it.

As Chief Risk Officer, Zurich’s Lehmann Oversees IT

Zurich has underscored the increasing importance of risk management and IT by appointing Axel P. Lehmann to the post of chief risk officer and elevating that role to executive committee status. In his new role, the former CEO of Zurich's North American Commercial division will also oversee Group IT.

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