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03:28 PM
Kristie Cattafi
Kristie Cattafi
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CDC Software Releases Pivotal CRM 6.0

The new version will provide task-based navigation and a smart client user interface.

Atlanta, Ga. - CDC Software has launched Pivotal CRM 6.0, a newly-designed customer relationship management (CRM) platform based on Microsoft .NET technology that provides task-based navigation, embedded Microsoft SharePoint and Office applications, and a smart client user interface.

The redesigned Pivotal platform provides users with task-based navigation, forms and portals that resemble Microsoft applications and which have the ability to model complex workflow. New features include easier customization, enhanced searching and reporting capabilities and SmartPortal, a Pivotal portal that allows IT users to set up pre-defined portals by functional area.

With the solution's web parts-based portal options, insurers can build role-based user interfaces and functional tool groupings that enable different users to navigate its repository of data more quickly and easily, minimize clicks and maximize the amount of valuable data available on each screen, according to a press release.

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