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11:00 AM
Tracy Issel, General Manager, Financial Services Group, United States, Microsoft
Tracy Issel, General Manager, Financial Services Group, United States, Microsoft
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Financial Services Firms Will Need Faster Computational Power

In the wake of the mortgage lending crisis, even good credit has become difficult to move. Large banks that collateralized loans and sold them off in secondary markets will continue to feel the pressure from reassessing their exposure.

In times like these, financial institutions typically resort to beefing up their middle-office infrastructures and resources to deal with risk management. There is a need to price complex financial instruments, gauge overall exposure and build models to predict future cash flows.

Thus, reinvesting in technology solutions that provide faster computational power is paramount to a firm's success. A high-performance computing platform combined with a business intelligence solution can help financial services firms handle larger volumes of data faster, bringing back insight to employees needing to make rapid decisions. In fact, by employing high-performance computing and business intelligence, firms can make smarter, faster trade and risk management decisions, reduce investment and operational risk, and improve overall profitability.

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