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Content tagged with Security posted in October 2012
Sandy Appears to Be That Once-in-a-Lifetime Storm
Commentary  |  10/29/2012  | 
Sandy appears to be that once-in-a-lifetime storm; it's too early to know what the costs will be, but insurers' responses will be in the spotlight.
Elite 8 2012: CIO Michael Fergang Drives Innovation for the Business at Grange Insurance
News  |  10/18/2012  | 
Grange Insurance CIO Michael Fergang's tenure demonstrates that developing a creative team with the right business mind-set can result in delivery of solutions unforeseen by the business.
Elite 8 2012: Graeme Boddy Accelerates IT Development To Stay Ahead
News  |  10/15/2012  | 
For Builders Mutual CIO Graeme Boddy, the recession offered an opportunity to build infrastructure for a new kind of insurance agent and customer. Today, the company is reaping the rewards.
Most Insurers See Predictive Analytics as Key to Fraud-Fighting: FICO/PCI Survey
News  |  10/4/2012  | 
Other technologies highlighted as key to stopping fraud included link analysis, business rules and external databases.
U.S. Bank Hackers Used Advanced Botnets, Diverse Tools
News  |  10/3/2012  | 
The hackers behind the cyber attacks on major U.S. banks have repeatedly disrupted online banking by using sophisticated and diverse tools that point to a carefully coordinated campaign, according to security researchers.

Good Technology Acquires 'App-Wrapping' Company AppCentral
News  |  10/2/2012  | 
The mobile device management company, which counts many insurers as clients of its BYOD-enabling services, is looking to expand its options with the buy.
Big Data: The Future of Insurance Fraud Prevention
Commentary  |  10/1/2012  | 
Combined with predictive analytics and link analysis, big data offers insurers a powerful antifraud tool.

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