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Unum Group Examines Other Industries For Ideas For Simply Unum Product/Service Platform

When designing the Simply Unum platform, Unum Group looked outside the insurance industry for inspiration.

When designing the Simply Unum platform, the company looked outside the insurance industry for inspiration. "We felt that looking outside the company would give more ... insight," says Kathy Owen, senior vice president of business applications at Unum.

As a result, various features of Simply Unum came about after looking at companies with products ranging from drip-brewed coffee to expedited shipping. "Those were all very much a part of how the design team imagined the model and how we delivered it."

Starbucks: "With Starbucks, it's, how did they bring so many product choices in a very simple way? Taking that to our business we've streamlined and provided simplicity, but at the same time have embedded about 28,000 product choices in the Simply Unum offering," Owen says.

Toyota: "They're so focused on efficiencies in their operations. It's about how they share their product chassis across multiple, different automobiles. [At Unum] it's the same thing. How can we develop our capabilities in such a way that they really meet the needs of multiple types of products?"

Southwest Airlines: "From a Southwest perspective, we thought about how you deliver high-quality service and still make it a pleasant experience for the customer. That's embedded in our model in how we've provided self-service but easy access to a contact center at the same time."

FedEx: "FedEx ... created simplicity and transparency to allow customers to understand how their packages are moving. ... We've applied that same principle with Simply Unum in tracking a claim. On the Web site, a claimant is able to know where they are, each step of the way, in terms of the administration of their claim."


Unum Group Launches Simply Unum
Unum Group has unveiled Simply Unum, an integrated product and service platform two years in the making.

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