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ADP Expands Integrated Offerings with AutoVista Acquisition

In a step that will add to the offerings of ADP Claims Services Group's Claims Gateway the company will acquire ComputerLogic's AutoVista claims line of business.

In a step that will add to the offerings of ADP Claims Services Group's Claims Gateway-a group of services providing communication links among all parties in the automotive claims process-the San Ramon, CA-based technology company will acquire ComputerLogic's (Macon, GA) AutoVista claims line of business. AutoVista provides an Internet-based claims processing solution that translates estimates and images into an insurance company's preferred format and transfers them to the appropriate parties.

The acquisition is in response to feedback from customers about where they want to head in the future, reports Gary Nixon, vice president of automotive claims service, ADP. "That is, bringing all the players in the industry-glass companies, insurance companies and rental car companies-together to eventually do things like payment processing and estimate sharing," says Nixon. "One of the most important things that AutoVista has to offer is its strong development arm. We feel it's going to help us expedite bringing products our customers are asking for to fruition in the future."

Several AutoVista associates will join ADP as a result of the acquisition. "If you look around the market at the largest and best player, it's ADP," according to Rick Palmer, CEO of ComputerLogic. "Obviously, anytime that you have the opportunity to join a business partner, you want it to be the best. So from my company's standpoint, it's really an exciting opportunity."

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