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01:15 PM
June Drewry, CIO, Chubb & Son
June Drewry, CIO, Chubb & Son
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There were a lot of people who helped me throughout my career, and, as I see it, mentoring is my way of paying it forward. Fifteen years ago I started to counsel senior IT leaders outside of work, and it grew into a passion. Last year I began coaching people through their careers.

Right now I am helping eight people get in touch with their own leadership abilities. I've noticed that when faced with new challenges, many senior IT leaders need validation. When they bounce ideas off of me, we talk them through and I see a rise in their energy levels.

What I've taken away from my years of coaching is that fear is not unique, and everyone faces some form of it. I found that a lot of people stop themselves from reaching their full potential because they think their boundaries are closer than they really are. By having someone they can trust and discuss ideas with, these leaders learn and become more confident in their own abilities.

Coaching also has helped me search my values and develop wonderful friends. When you touch a person's life for the better, you know there is a reason you were put on this earth.

--June Drewry, CIO, Chubb & Son

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