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03:40 PM
Tony Paris, Pioneer State Mutual
Tony Paris, Pioneer State Mutual

History Lesson

My Favorite ... Books

I enjoy reading historical biographies. They show you that even the greatest names in history had their hang-ups, idiosyncrasies, good days and bad days. It's great to see these people from a human perspective and learn how they dealt with the decisions and situations that made them historical figures. Remember the old adage, "Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

After college, I started a tradition of reading a biography of an American president every year. It is hard to pick a favorite president, but I would have to go with Lincoln at this point, as I admire the way he dealt with the issues of his day and the incredibly hard decisions he was forced to make. Harry Truman also was an interesting president whom I believe is growing in stature as the impact from his decisions and policies now can be viewed from a historical perspective.

Next on my list is a biography of John Adams by John Ferling.

--Tony Paris, VP and CIO, Pioneer State Mutual

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