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Honor Roll: This Week's Top Insurance Blogs (Feb. 7-13)

Our favorite insurance technology-related blog posts from around the Web (February 7-13, 2010):

Our favorite insurance technology-related blog posts from around the Web (February 7-13, 2010):Hardware Outsourcing vs. People Outsourcing

Celent senior analyst Jeff Goldberg seeks to dispel the notion that both cloud computing and outsourcing are "replacement" technologies, in his blog post from earlier this week. "By this I mean that an insurer uses cloud computing to replace their data center or an insurer utilizes an IT service provider to replace their IT organization," Goldberg writes. "While in some instances this might be true, it is rarely the case." ---

Why Hardware Still Matters- At Least for a Couple of Years

"It is easy to assume that with the excitement around cloud computing would put a damper on the hardware market. But I have news for you. I am predicting that over the next few years hardware will be front and center," Judith Hurwitz writes. ---

What's the Impact?

StoneRiver product support director Alan Hirsch details how the vendor addresses and seeks to minimize application corrections. "One of our Products Support groups has instituted a new process known as Impact Analysis, which serves to identify the potential impacts of code corrections made within the application, identify test scenarios required for the correction, and to enhance overall testing," he begins.

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