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Honor Roll: This Week's Top Insurance Blogs (Jan. 17-23)

Our favorite insurance technology-related blog posts from around the Web (January 17-23, 2010):

Our favorite insurance technology-related blog posts from around the Web (January 17-23, 2010):The DNA of the Cloud Power Partnerships

In this comprehensive post, Judith Horwitz analyzes the implications of various cloud computing partnerships involving companies like EMC, Cisco, VMware, HP, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Oracle. "The bottom line is that cloud computing is becoming more than a passing fad - it is the future of how computing will change in the coming decades," she writes. "Because of this reality, partnerships are changing and will continue to change." ---

Accessing Coverage Through Microinsurance

Claire Wilkinson writes on the iii's industry blog that "a growing number of insurers are tapping into markets in developing countries through microinsurance projects which provide low cost insurance to individuals generally not covered by traditional insurance or government programs." ---

Congrats Scott Brown. Could You Please Reform Healthcare Insurance Technology?

A recent trip to the hospital for a couple routine x-rays left blogger John Pogas wondering why the health insurance industry hasn't embraced a myriad of readily available technology capabilities that could lead to increased efficiency and a better customer experience. "So, what will it take to get everyone involved in healthcare to make this happen? I say an act of congress," Pogas suggests.

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