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Honor Roll: This Week's Top Insurance Blogs (Sept. 20-26)

Our favorite insurance technology-related blog posts from around the Web (September 20-26, 2009):

Our favorite insurance technology-related blog posts from around the Web (September 20-26, 2009):Goodbye Healthcare Gobbledygook

Bruce Temkin of Forrester Research praises CIGNA's efforts to simply the language it uses in customer-facing communications. "CIGNA has adopted 'words we use' guidelines which replace such jargon as provider, co-pay and formulary with approved terms such as doctor, the amount you pay and drug list. These guidelines are attempting to purge hundreds of confusing pieces of jargon and acronyms from CIGNA's vocabulary," Temkin writes. ---

Retail, D-Tail, or E-Tail? The Good Old Days Start Tomorrow

Celent's Craig Weber, who I also referenced in a post of my own earlier this week, writes that life was simpler back when insurance agents were the sole source of information and advice for potential insurance purchasers. "But let's resist the temptation to refer to the past as the "good old days." I believe those days perpetually start tomorrow," Weber writes in this post about the various delivery models of today's market. ---

Can a CIO be Successful Without IT Experience?

The Agility is Sensible blog wonders how IT domain expertise contributes to the ultimate success of a CIO. "As IT becomes increasingly complex at all levels of infrastructure and application development, CIO's ability to be successful will probably become more dependent on whether they can rely on people they lead for decision-grade information," the blog's author writes. ---

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