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Minnesota Life Exposure to Trade Center Attack Appears Low

St. Paul financial services firm stands ready to handle claims, answer questions.

St. Paul, MN, September 20, 2001 --- Minnesota Life Insurance Co. estimatesthe company will receive claims resulting from the September 11 events totaling between $5 million and $10 million.

"We expect most of these claims to be covered by reinsurance," said Robert L. Senkler, chairman, president, and chief executive. "Financially, we are well positioned to handle this extra cost. We are prepared to meet all of our obligations to our customers." Minnesota Life annually pays more than $500 million in claims.

The majority of Minnesota Life's policies will cover deaths resulting from the September 11 events. The company's regular life insurance policies cover death from both natural causes and accidents. In general, regular life insurance policies also cover death resulting from both war and terrorism. Accidental death policies cover only death from an accident. Many "accident only" policies exclude war and some exclude terrorism.

Toll-free customer service telephone lines are available and Minnesota Life personnel are prepared to answer questions about claims and potential claims.

-- For coverage purchased through an agent or financial advisor, call 800-641-4611.
-- For coverage received from--or purchased through--an employer, call 800-328-9442.
-- For coverage purchased through a credit union, bank, or other financial institution, call 800-328-9442.

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