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04:31 PM
George Hanrahan Vice President, CIO, Western United Life Assurance Co.
George Hanrahan Vice President, CIO, Western United Life Assurance Co.

My Favorite ... Stress Reliever

Easy Rider

A year or so ago, when my wife was out of town, I called her and said, "I just had my midlife crisis."

After a long pause, she asked, "So, what was it?"

"I just bought a brand new Harley!" I answered cheerfully.

Since I sold my old motorcycle when our youngest was born in 1982, I had yet to find a better outlet for stress. Maybe it's the guttural sound of the exhausts, the feeling of the wind on my face or the sense of freedom. Whether I'm riding to work, taking a weekend trip with my wife or just running errands in town, there's nothing more freeing than enjoying the ride.

At work, however, I do get a few strange looks. It's not an everyday occurrence to see a big guy rumble up on a Harley, park it, and take off his helmet and leather jacket to reveal your CIO underneath. For some, it takes a little getting used to; others want to know everything about my bike and when I started riding. Still others simply nod and offer a polite smile - I like to think they're just a bit envious.

-George Hanrahan Vice President, CIO
Western United Life Assurance Co.

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