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WINDSOR, CT--BPO and ASP insurance solutions provider Trumbull Services has released the latest version of Subrosource subrogation software. New benefits include being Web-enabled, allowing greater client productivity and increasing handler functionality, as well as ease of implementation and integration using XML, improved flexibility, streamlined communications and expanded management reporting, according to the vendor. Subrosource combines workflow, strategies and data, accessed through a suite of account management tools, to provide a comprehensive subrogation process solution. The software streamlines the workflow process, enabling carriers, third-party administrators and other claim payers to increase recoveries and reduce time and effort, Trumbull claims. WWW.TRUMBULL-SERVICES.COM


AUSTIN, TX--Motion Computing introduced the Motion M 1200, a clipboard-sized tablet PC. The Motion M 1200 is the result of a joint development agreement with Microsoft (Redmond, WA), which concurrently launched the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system, and a logistics partnership with Compal Electronics (Taipei). The new system is powered by Intel's (Santa Clara, CA) most advanced mobile technology, the ultra-low voltage 866MHz Mobile Intel Pentium III Processor-M, the vendor says. Contained in a durable magnesium case, the unit has a 12.1-in. XGA display, making it 35 percent larger than conventional 10.4-in. screens. The vendor describes the unit as ideal for healthcare and financial services, and says its pen and voice input, combined with up-to-date applications, enable productivity gains and maximizes mobile computing experience. WWW.MOTIONCOMPUTING.COM


NEW YORK--Cap Gemini Ernst & Young has launched the Connected Insurance Enterprise (CIE), which the firm describes as a fully integrated, end-to-end, pre-configured insurance technology platform engineered to help life insurance organizations maximize sales, enhance the lifetime value of their customers and streamline operational and processing costs. Built on the IBM WebSphere Business Integration platform, CIE is designed to bring together proven software and technology from an array of partners, enabling the solution to address and add value to a host of issues facing life insurance firms, including product administration, financial management and reporting and infrastructure, CGE&Y claims. The platform was designed to help companies expand their product offerings and shorten product development cycles, according to CGE&Y. WWW.US.CGEY.COM


ATLANTA--Jacada has introduced Jacada Studio for iSeries, a new application development tool designed for RPG and COBOL programmers to build thin-client graphical applications for the IBM iSeries, without building green screens and without the need to learn new programming skills, the vendor says. Jacada Studio for iSeries is both a development and deployment architecture for creating applications. It provides a "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" graphical client designer, a hot-resident API for communicating with the generated Java or HTML clients, and the supporting middleware, including a built-in http server for managing a TCP/IP and sockets-based connection between the client and the host application, according to Jacada. WWW.JACADA.COM


NEW HAVEN, CT--Metaserver, Inc., released the latest version of its Business Process Integration (BPI) software, Metaserver 4.0. Enhancements to the Metaserver Modeling Environment (MME) provide additional support for complex data structures, allowing for the creation and transformation of real business data structures within a business process, affording greater control of enterprise operations. Updated components of the MME include an enhanced process designer, enabling concurrent processing, looping, conditional processing and exception handling, in a drag-and-drop environment. Updates to the solution's BPI engine include enhanced runtime support for managing complex data structures, concurrent execution, and data and control flow rules. WWW.METASERVER.COM


MALVERN, PA--AdminServer has released ProfileServer for its policy/contract administration systems. ProfileServer is a system for automated product profiling and fully supports the PPfA (product profile for annuities) standards defined by ACORD and NAVA. WWW.ADMINSERVER.COM


MANCHESTER, CT--Scan-Optics has released PayWise, for processing accounts payable invoices. PayWise allows companies to extend a fully integrated, image-enabled accounts payable process to their ERP and financial systems, improving accuracy, increasing productivity and reducing labor costs at the bottom line, the vendor claims. Built on Scan-Optics' DocWise product, PayWise uses state-of-the-art imaging technologies to process batches of single- or multi-page invoices. A split-screen interface makes data entry swift and accurate. Document images are attached to records in the payables system for full integration and indexed for easy retrieval. PayWise can save accounts payables departments up to 50 percent of costs, according to Scan-Optics, by automating entry of invoices, eliminating keying from paper documents, eliminating paper matching and filing, allowing for immediate retrieval of invoice images from within an accounts payable system, and the ability to print invoices when needed. WWW.SCANOPTICS.COM


KAYSVILLE, UT--Claredi Corp. has developed an EDI analyzer engine for testing and certifying HIPAA transactions. The new engine, dubbed Velocedi, is currently in beta testing by certain Claredi customers. In benchmarking tests Velocedi performed a single-threaded, full (all seven types of tests defined by SNIP) HIPAA analysis of a 33MB claims file in about 21 minutes, according to Claredi, which notes that a single-threaded analysis of the same file with the current Claredi engine took more than 688 hours (four weeks), meaning Velocedi analyzed the file 1,967 times faster. Other improvements include formatting reports to correspond better with the implementation guides, showing envelope and loop structures, with elements and composites highlighted. WWW.CLAREDI.COM


WINTER HAVEN, FL--DocuLex released version 6 of DocuLex Search. The product provides the ability to instantly locate electronic document files, through both full-text and fielded data searching in conjunction with DocuLex PDF.Capture document scanning/capture, content indexing and PDF electronic file format. DocuLex Search instantly searches all existing files on a desktop, network, or Internet/intranet, as well as easily publishing large document collections to Web sites or CD/DVDs, the vendor says. The solution includes more than two dozen full-text and fielded, indexed and non-indexed text search options. Supported file types include word processor, database, spreadsheet, presentation, XML, ZIP, HTML and PDF. DocuLex Search displays all retrieved files with highlighted hits and multiple hit and file navigation options. WWW.DOCULEX.COM


CHARLOTTE, NC--Impact Technologies Group division Advanced Impact has released Pension Rescue, a .NET desktop application that helps financial advisors with a way to show clients how to purchase life insurance within their existing qualified plan, typically using pre-taxed dollars. According to the vendor, Pension Rescue helps financial providers with: clients looking for ways to use retirement accumulations without incurring additional income and estate taxes; clients who prefer to maximize the tax advantages of qualified retirement plans; clients uncertain about the future of estate taxes and needing a plan that will remain flexible regardless of legislative changes; and clients currently considering changes to the investment mix of their qualified plans because of the state of the economy. WWW.ADVANCEDIMPACT.COM


EL SEGUNDO, CA--Galorath, Inc., introduced SEER-SEM Client, a Microsoft (Redmond, WA) Project add-on that will allow users to quickly generate accurate project plans, whatever the size of the project, according to the vendor. The Client is powered by the estimating technology of SEER-SEM (software estimation model) to deliver accurate estimates. It reduces project failures and improves staffing efficiency; it saves development managers time in laying out plans and encourages them to use standard practices and generate reproducible results, according to Galorath. WWW.GALORATH.COM

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