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Reducing Call Center Turnover

LOMASelect Service Index identifies call center rep suitability and reduces turnover.

With turnover levels reaching 40 percent, these professionals have the highest turnover rate in insurance organizations. But don't be fooled by the frantic pace of their structured work-they are not underwriters or IT professionals. They are call center reps, and, as the voice of the insurer, the value of the customer experience hinges on the quality of their work. So why are these jobs turning over at such alarming rates?

It could have something to do with the stressful nature of their duties compared to the low compensation they receive, suggests Barbara Kruse, ACS, second vice president of Atlanta-based LOMA Employee Assessment Products and Services. "Despite the fact that these positions are customer-facing, [call center reps] are not paid top dollar in the organization. Also, these are challenging jobs because of the pace of work and because standards are very high."

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