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AIG Corporate Security Issues Safety Memo to Employees

Internet site Gawker claims leaked memorandum includes advice on responding to perceived threats and personal security recommendations.

Internet site Gawker has published what it characterizes as a leaked corporate memo in which AIG's corporate security department advises employees on measures they can take to increase their safety and security.

The online post, titled "AIG Corporate Security's Tips for Surviving an Angry Mob," shows a document on AIG stationery, dated March 18, 2009, explaining the need for concern "due to a growing sense of public attention fueled by increased media scrutiny." The alleged memorandum counsels vigilance and instructs employees to call 911 as soon as any threat is perceived.

The Gawker post follows the occurrence of protests outside AIG offices in various locations internationally, as well as online communications through blogs and other social networking media between individuals expressing anger toward the company and seeking information about organized action. AIG chairman Ed Liddy has warned that "AIG bashing" had reached a level of intensity that might threaten the safety of employees.

Specific recommendations in the document include the following:

—Avoid wearing any AIG apparel (bags, shirts, umbrellas, etc.) with the company insignia.

—Ensure any badges with the AIG insignia are not readily visible when exiting the office.

—Be aware of individuals who appear to be out of place or spending an inordinate amount of time near an AIG facility and report these sightings immediately to building security.

—At night, when possible, travel in pairs and always park in well lit areas.

—Avoid public conversations involving AIG and do not engage any media personnel regarding the company.

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