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Erica Schroeder, Director, Marketing Management for TelePresence, Cisco Systems(San Jose, Calif.)
Erica Schroeder, Director, Marketing Management for TelePresence, Cisco Systems(San Jose, Calif.)
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Telepresence Solutions Help Organizations Enhance Customer Service, Performance and Operations

As vendors continue to broaden the telepresence portfolio, real-time video communication will become increasingly standard, improving the pace of doing business.

Erica Chroeder, Cisco SystemsTelepresence can be used in two ways today. Telepresence offers both a front-office and back-office application that can help organizations improve customer service, performance and operations.

The back-office application enables disparate remote locations to meet via telepresence as if they were in person. This can help branch offices stay in touch with head office organizations more easily -- for update meetings, operational reviews or training.

The front-office application involves using telepresence in customer-facing environments. Organizations are able to provide personal service instantly while maintaining efficient operations -- scaling availability of highly trained employees without needing to staff them in all locations.

Many telepresence solutions are extremely easy to use; often, virtually no user training is required. From a usage standpoint, the only thing users require is an understanding of how remote communications can improve the speed of communications and the pace of business. The main consideration from a business standpoint is making sure that the network and the working environments are enabled to support telepresence. This can mean some enhancements to network bandwidth or adjustments in rooms or facilities to incorporate telepresence.

Vendors, including Cisco, will continue to broaden the telepresence portfolio for more flexibility in applications and deployments. This will give companies the capability to deploy in-person communications in more environments and more locations. As real-time video communication becomes increasingly standard, the ability to more deeply integrate these advantages into the business will enable organizations to improve the pace of doing business and the opportunities for improved competition.

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