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01:35 PM
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The MONY Group Inc. Integrates with Advest

The MONY Group Inc. (New York) has begun its systems integration with the newly acquired Advest Group (Hart-ford)

Because The MONY Group and Advest needed connectivity between the two environments, according to Grant, high-speed links were set up between the two data centers. ""We get our two computing environments talking to each other and that makes it much easier to transfer data and information back and forth,"" says Grant.

According to Grant, The MONY Group is also looking at the contracts that the two companies hold, in the hope that they will find some commonality in vendors used for maintenance and computing backgrounds. ""We are trying to determine where we are similar and how we can restructure these contracts to reduce our rates and provide better service and performance.""

The MONY Group has a 90-day target for the completion of its initiatives. Accord-ing to Michael I. Roth, chairman and CEO, ""The successful integration of our past acquisitions into The MONY Group, coupled with our newest member company-Advest-has increased our size as well as our service capabilities.""

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