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The Sprint to Business Continuity


Hurricane Katrina. A terrorist attack. A market panic. Even a planned presidential visit can disrupt communications. The costs can be extraordinary. Within minutes, a bank can lose millions of dollars due to disrupted financial transactions. Customers unable to reach a live agent can cause waves of panic within an insurersí customer base. Sprintís Emergency Response Team (ERT) ensures that financial services organizations will never miss an email or phone call. The team, staffed with experienced first-responders from the military and law enforcement, uses satellite-based cell zones to get communications back up and running. Sprintís SatCOLTs sport self-contained satellite and cell systems. A 60-foot mast on the top of the vehicle pushes signals out to affected areas. Nextel Direct Connect“ provides instant communications. Customers demand communications during disasters, explains Rachel Alt-Simmons, research director, TowerGroup. With Sprint ERT, communications are restored.

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