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Content tagged with Management Strategies posted in September 2012
CNA's Alok Mehta Brings World Champion Focus to Transformation
News  |  9/27/2012  | 
The former Allstate chief architect brings data, analytics and legacy systems insights to the Chicago-based commercial insurer.
Mike Scunziano Named President and CEO of CS STARS
News  |  9/25/2012  | 
Scunziano seeks to more effectively serve CS STARS' clients as they look for technology, data and analytical solutions to help them manage their claims and risk programs better.
Insurers Face Tougher Times as Somali Piracy Drops
News  |  9/21/2012  | 
A dramatic fall in pirate attacks off the Somali coast is forcing down the cost of piracy insurance for commercial ships, taking the shine off a fast-growing and lucrative market for London-based insurers.

Pirate Financiers See Robust Returns in Tough Economy
Commentary  |  9/19/2012  | 
Political transition in Somalia offers faint hope that pirate ransom will cease to be a cost of doing business for marine insurance clients for some time to come.
Reinsurers Must Optimize Data Utilization to Maximize Profitability
Commentary  |  9/17/2012  | 
Many reinsurers fail to fully utilize their data, leaving open the potential to make costly mistakes regarding what business they book, how they allocate capital and how they prepare for changes in the market.
GoDaddy Outage a Cautionary Tale for Cloud Enthusiasts
Commentary  |  9/14/2012  | 
In order to be competitive, insurers need to take advantage of the economic benefits of the cloud, but they should discriminate carefully in their use of public, semi-private and private cloud options.
9/11/2012: Reflections on a Normal Day
Commentary  |  9/10/2012  | 
"Back to business" in the post-9/11 era has also meant many changes in routine business activities.
CIOs Should Consult to the Business on Emerging Market Opportunities
Commentary  |  9/10/2012  | 
Insurance CIOs have made careers out of their ability to gain significant new efficiencies through the use of the latest technology. Why couldn't some also make a career out of creative exploitation of evolving business opportunities?
Insurance Investment Rules Are Changing -- Ready or Not
Commentary  |  9/9/2012  | 
The fixed-income investment landscape has changed dramatically over the past 15 years, yet investment guidelines set out by the NAIC have stayed largely the same. Now, state regulators are starting to catch up, which means insurers must update their investment policies, compliance procedures, and the technology that supports them.
MGIS Names VP of IT Operations
News  |  9/6/2012  | 
Michael Green takes over the top tech post at the physicians' insurance provider.
Esurance Names Blue Shield Vet CIO
News  |  9/6/2012  | 
Elinor MacKinnon takes over the top tech slot at the Allstate subsidiary following Phil Swift's departure.
4 Reasons Security Policies Fail, And 7 Steps to Make Sure They Don't
News  |  9/6/2012  | 
Without an ongoing systematic and proactive user awareness program, a strong security posture is in jeopardy. There is no cure for human error, but insurers can educate their workforce to help employees make the right decisions and avoid unnecessary mistakes.
5 Ways Insurance Companies Can Make Mobile Capabilities More Secure for Policyholders
News  |  9/6/2012  | 
Mobile capabilities for policyholders are table stakes. But serious questions remain about the security of the most popular consumer smartphone platforms. I&T checked in with the executives who live and breathe data security to find out how they balance cutting-edge mobile service offerings with security.
Insurers Must Cooperate More to Fight Fraud
News  |  9/6/2012  | 
The P&C industry needs to improve data sharing to effectively fight claims fraud, Deloitte says.
Should Policyholders Share the Security Burden With Insurance Companies?
Commentary  |  9/6/2012  | 
It's harder than ever to secure an increasingly mobile-based enterprise while also improving customer engagement. But insurance companies must shoulder the security burden.
Insurance CIOs: How to Be Secure and Profitable in the Cloud
Slideshows  |  9/5/2012  | 
Many insurers remain cautious about cloud-based capabilities. But many are enjoying the undeniable benefits of externally hosted software through appropriate control and security measures.
EMC Insurance Improves Physical Security With an IP-Enabled System
News  |  9/4/2012  | 
By leveraging its network to implement an IP-enabled security system from Johnson Controls, EMC Insurance cuts operating costs in half.

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