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Mobile Strategy: 8 Cool Insurance Apps
Slideshows  |  3/24/2015  | 
Mobile strategy is a top priority for customer-centric insurers. Here are 8 apps that go outside the box to meet user needs.
Comic: When Drones Go Wrong
Commentary  |  3/20/2015  | 
We're just on the forefront of drone technology, but what does the future hold? A comedic warning to insurers considering drones in their evolving IT strategies.
Cyber-Security In Insurance: 7 Things To Know
Slideshows  |  2/25/2015  | 
Insurers need to boost their security knowledge amidst the growing risk of cyberattacks.
Big Data Land Mines For Insurers To Avoid In 2015
Commentary  |  2/21/2015  | 
Before data was big, Google was a verb, or Gordon Moore wrote his law, insurers were using math and statistics to predict the future.
7 Tech Skills for Insurance Pros
Slideshows  |  2/20/2015  | 
Analytics, security and communication are critical skills for insurance tech professionals in 2015.
Insurance & Technology�s Long & Winding Road Comes to an End
Commentary  |  1/28/2015  | 
After more than 40 years of reporting on the insurance technology industry, Insurance & Technology will fold into InformationWeek. It�s been a great journey.
Why Personalized Interactions Still Matter in the SaaS Age
Commentary  |  1/20/2015  | 
For too many businesses, technology tools that manage data and plan strategies are used to avoid building personal relationships.
Long-Running Cyberattacks Become The Norm
News  |  1/7/2015  | 
Many companies are so focused on the perimeter that they have little idea what's going on inside the network.
What Will Insurers Face on the Regulatory Front in 2015?
Slideshows  |  1/6/2015  | 
Among the regulatory challenges facing insurers in 2015 are TRIA uncertainty and new requirements around capital standards and ORSA. Data mastery is key to compliance.
2015 Outlook: Analytics in Health Insurance
News  |  1/6/2015  | 
Health insurers will make progress in technology adoption but continue to lag behind P&C carriers.
CES 2015: Big Data A Quiet Star
News  |  1/6/2015  | 
Big data is the underlying big story at CES 2015, as we see a flood of Internet-connected devices loaded with data sensors.
CES 2015 Preview: 8 Hot Trends
Slideshows  |  1/5/2015  | 
Tech's annual celebration of gadgets, robots, and connected everything kicks off soon in Vegas. Here's what will grab the spotlight at CES 2015.
Insurance & Technology's Top Discussions of 2014
News  |  1/5/2015  | 
The year's hottest topics revolved around social media, recruiting, telematics and the customer experience.
2014 Roundup: This Year in Mobile Apps
News  |  12/29/2014  | 
Health insurers were busy with app development this year, but the P&C sector also narrowed its focus on broadening mobile capabilities.
The Future of Data Encryption in Insurance
Commentary  |  12/23/2014  | 
Inadequate data encryption is making insurers across the industry vulnerable to security breaches.
IBM, Apple Partnership Could Yield Trove of Insurance Apps
News  |  12/23/2014  | 
The insurance industry is a prime candidate for better mobility solutions, says Mark McLaughlin, IBM's insurance global leader.
3 Ways Mobility Will Shape Auto Insurance in 2015
Commentary  |  12/23/2014  | 
Keep watch for these three trends that are poised to make waves in auto insurance throughout the coming year.
Top 10 Lessons OMIG Learned From Analytics
News  |  12/23/2014  | 
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group used analytics to determine tolerance for premium increases. Here are the top 10 lessons the insurer learned along the way.
5 Tips On How To Prepare For A Data Breach
Commentary  |  12/22/2014  | 
If you are a financial institution your cyber security defenses will be breached -- again and again. Here are five tips to respond quickly and minimize damage.
Anthem to Acquire Simply Healthcare Holdings
News  |  12/22/2014  | 
Upon completion of the deal, Anthem will serve more than 500,000 members in the state of Florida.
3 Ways Insurance Marketers Can Navigate the Technology Maze
Commentary  |  12/19/2014  | 
Now is the time to make sure you�re primed to run the race to have your project implemented.
Why Your Existing IT Assets Hold the Key to Modernization
Commentary  |  12/18/2014  | 
More often than not, the most prudent path to IT modernization does not lead to new systems, but to the better leveraging of existing IT assets and applications.
ACE Acquires Fireman�s Fund Personal Lines Unit
News  |  12/18/2014  | 
Allianz has agreed to sell the personal lines business for $365 million.
Rural Community Continues Digital Push With Mobile
News  |  12/18/2014  | 
The agriculture insurer, which has embraced the Internet of Things already this year, has broken into the mobile realm as well.
Big Data Analytics: Time For New Tools
Commentary  |  12/18/2014  | 
So you're considering Hadoop as a big data platform. You'll probably need some new analytics and business intelligence tools if you're going to wring fresh insights out of your data.
Underwriting Insurance Data Security
Commentary  |  12/18/2014  | 
Because insurance companies operate in the most complex regulatory environment, the consequences of data breaches are many and varied.
Allstate Restructures, Boosting Tech's Profile
News  |  12/17/2014  | 
A new Emerging Businesses unit unites Esurance and connected car initiatives under one umbrella.
Protecting Customer Privacy at Amica
News  |  12/17/2014  | 
The implementation of sound masking technology has enhanced the privacy of meetings and client phone conversations.
Ford Names Former Nationwide Exec to Lead Data
News  |  12/16/2014  | 
Paul Ballew is charged with hastening "development of mobility, connectivity, and autonomous driving innovations."
When Holidays & Healthcare Open Enrollment Collide
Commentary  |  12/16/2014  | 
Lack of transparency in health plans is enough to give most people heartburn.
Why It�s Time to Review Your Illustration Software
Commentary  |  12/16/2014  | 
The need to streamline workflows and consolidate systems on a single set of platforms is a driving force for evaluation of illustration systems.
Majesco to Merge With Cover-All
News  |  12/15/2014  | 
The combined company will be called �Majesco� and anticipates annual revenue of more than $100 million.
State Farm, Edmunds Partner on Car Shopping App
News  |  12/15/2014  | 
The CarCapture app allows prospective car buyers to take a picture of a vehicle for insurance and pricing information.
Majesco Acquires Agile Technologies
News  |  12/12/2014  | 
The goal of the buy is to add consulting services to Majesco's offerings, according to the companies.
The Hunt for 'Extreme Digital' Discovers the Unexpected
News  |  12/12/2014  | 
Insurers building advanced digital strategies may be seeking inspiration in the wrong places.
4 Data Management Needs for Fraud Detection
News  |  12/12/2014  | 
Efforts are hampered by multiple legacy applications, systems segregated by line of business, disparate SIU case-management systems, and third-party vendor systems that house critical data.
Bringing Annuity Compliance Fulfillment Into the Digital Era
Commentary  |  12/11/2014  | 
How can insurance carriers solve the single-digit e-consent dilemma for annuities?
Aligning Technology, People & Processes for Data Security
News  |  12/11/2014  | 
Combating today's hackers will take the right mix of technology, people, and processes.
MetLife Taps AT&T Exec for CMO Spot
News  |  12/10/2014  | 
Esther Lee will lead global brand and marketing for the life insurance carrier.
Apple, IBM Help Insurance Agents Go Mobile
News  |  12/10/2014  | 
The companies have partnered on mobile applications geared toward insurance professionals at the distributor level.
2015 Trends: The Growth of Information Governance
News  |  12/10/2014  | 
Insurers will need to buckle down on information management strategies to address the growth of data throughout the next year.
TIAA-CREF: What Digital Innovation Really Looks Like
News  |  12/9/2014  | 
Joseph Sieczkowski, CTO of TIAA-CREF, says the model for how digital innovation can change a business is well documented, and financial firms can embrace it.
Internet Of Things: 3 Holiday Gifts That Will Keep CISOs Up At Night
News  |  12/9/2014  | 
If you think BYOD policies will protect your infrastructure from the January influx of mobile hotspots, fitness trackers, and Bluetooth, think again.
Top 5 Big Data Trends Of 2014
Commentary  |  12/8/2014  | 
As companies move beyond bleeding-edge experiments into production deployments, these trends point to real-world progress in big data analysis.
The Digital Trends for Data-Driven Markets in 2015 & Beyond
Commentary  |  12/8/2014  | 
Top marketing trends for social, mobile, advertising, and digital analytics, according to Teradata's Michael Lummus
Even Insurers' Best Customers Are Leaving
News  |  12/5/2014  | 
Cost pressures and ease of doing business are leading customers to leave even insurers they like for better deals, according to EY research.
Common Strategies for Achieving Insurance Customer Centricity
Commentary  |  12/5/2014  | 
Eventually, insurers will need to position themselves to respond quickly to changing customer expectations in an increasingly digital and connected life.
The Tech Talent Shortage Myth
News  |  12/5/2014  | 
IT executives complain about not being able to find enough skilled workers, but they're overlooking the talent that's right around them.
Insurers Expect Arms Race to Acquire Tech Capabilities
News  |  12/4/2014  | 
Accenture research reveals that digital startups related to the insurance industry are prime takeover targets by carriers.
ACORD CEO Announces Retirement
News  |  12/4/2014  | 
Gregory Maciag will leave his position on January 15, 2016, and serve as an advisor through 2017.
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