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Content posted in April 2014
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More Regulation Means More Compliance Tech
News  |  4/30/2014  | 
EY survey finds chief compliance officers using tech at a high rate, and are building solutions themselves.
Guidewire Introduces App for Agent Collaboration
News  |  4/30/2014  | 
Utica First is the launch client for the app that provides marketers and managers with metrics, guidance and support tools.
How Insurers Became Customer-Aware
Commentary  |  4/29/2014  | 
For the first time, many insurers are looking at the full customer life cycle and how it flows through their infrastructure.
Mobile & Social: The Tipping Point For Cybercrime
News  |  4/29/2014  | 
Spamming and scamming has moved to social media in full force, according to new research on the Twittersphere from Trend Micro.
Good2Go Launches Safety Discounts in Washington, D.C.
News  |  4/29/2014  | 
Customers receive premium discounts when they install text-blocking devices in their vehicles.
Mind the Gap: The Surprising New IT Bottleneck
Commentary  |  4/28/2014  | 
IT is able to provide more services than ever. But can that overwhelm the business side?
SEC Requests Financial Firms' Security Details
News  |  4/28/2014  | 
SEC asks 50 businesses for copies of their security policies, procedures, and controls in an effort to help the industry bolster cybersecurity protection.
Oregon Dumps Failed Health Insurance Exchange
News  |  4/28/2014  | 
Oregon's troubled health insurance exchange votes to close down state website and send customers to the federal website.
Employees Slacking on Security of Their Mobile Devices
News  |  4/25/2014  | 
A survey says that 15% say they had a password compromised.
Northwestern Mutual Promotes Former IT Exec to President
News  |  4/25/2014  | 
The appointment is intended to improve field force and deliver financial security to clients.
Cigna: Consumer-Driven Health Plans Shift Behavior
News  |  4/25/2014  | 
Study shows that consumer-driven health plans lower medical costs and improve health profiles for policyholders.
Study: Winning Insurers Invest in Customers
Slideshows  |  4/25/2014  | 
A Merkle study found that high-performing insurance companies have completely different strategic investments than lower performers.
Claims Departments Focused on Customer Retention: Survey
News  |  4/24/2014  | 
Why the "moment of truth" for a policyholder-carrier relationship is even more important today.
Willis: Some Retail Firms Still Don't Recognize Cyber Security Risks
News  |  4/24/2014  | 
Nearly 10 percent of retail firms have not reported any cyber security exposure to the SEC since 2011, Willis Group says.
New Auto Customers Dissatisfied with Promised Rates: J.D. Power
News  |  4/24/2014  | 
Research shows that poor experience drives policyholders to shop for auto insurers, but new customer satisfaction has declined due to unmet price expectations.
5 Areas Where Insurance CIOs Must Be Cautious
Commentary  |  4/23/2014  | 
The best CIOs recognize they sit in a critical decision-making and execution position that can impact the business both positively and negatively.
EMPLOYERS Appoints SVP, Chief Claims Officer
News  |  4/23/2014  | 
Barry J. Vogt will be responsible for the claim operations group.
Guardian Life Names Manulife Vet CFO
News  |  4/23/2014  | 
Marc Costantini has 25 years of insurance experience.
Western National Prepares Data for Billing Revamp
News  |  4/22/2014  | 
The insurer will work with SiSi Group on a data conversion product in preparation for a billing system refresh.
What Omnichannel Really Means in Insurance
Commentary  |  4/22/2014  | 
What exactly is the difference between omni- and multi-channel?
Settlers Life Adopts Automation for Agents
News  |  4/22/2014  | 
iPipeline's iGO software will accelerate and automate processing for producers with or without Internet access.
Which Industry Leads In IT Job Creation?
News  |  4/21/2014  | 
How does insurance rank in CareerBuilder/Economic Modeling Specialists ranking of top industries for rapid IT job growth?
Self-Service Tech Support Answers Health Insurer's Call
News  |  4/21/2014  | 
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Kansas City added customer engagement software to answer members' questions without hiring more call center staff.
Machine-to-Machine: Insurance Applications Emerging
Commentary  |  4/20/2014  | 
As M2M becomes more widely understood, the use cases for insurance will only be limited by the imagination of technologists and insurance managers.
The Hanover Offers E-Training to Service Organizations
News  |  4/18/2014  | 
The company has a stated goal of offering value-added services to its customers beyond insurance.
Giving Health Plan Customers Analytics at BCBSSC
News  |  4/18/2014  | 
A new analytics platform provides additional data sources and improved insight for large group customers of Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina.
5 Steps to Solvency II Compliance
Commentary  |  4/18/2014  | 
Insurance companies must actively consider their risk exposures to current and future investments over extended timeframes and ensure they have sufficient capital reserves to cope with potential risks.
Mobile App Development: 5 Worst Security Dangers
Commentary  |  4/18/2014  | 
Address these areas when building apps -- or brace yourself for a PR and liability nightmare should an attacker find and exploit a flaw.
ACA Leads to Telehealth Adoption Among Insurers
News  |  4/17/2014  | 
The Affordable Care Act's focus on population health and cost-cutting is encouraging providers and insurers to invest in remote healthcare technologies.
Is Your Business Maximizing Its Social Presence?
Commentary  |  4/17/2014  | 
Hearsay Social CEO discusses how insurance professionals can better leverage social media for their success.
Insurance Tech and Marketing Join to Save Forests
Commentary  |  4/17/2014  | 
Paperless options speak to values PEMCO customers identify as important to them. Here's how we introduced them.
WellPoint Names Chief Strategy Officer
News  |  4/16/2014  | 
Dr. Martin Silverstein last worked as a consultant.
The Hartford, IBM Enter $500 Million Cloud Agreement
News  |  4/16/2014  | 
The companies will work together to leverage shared services to improve The Hartford's customer and agent interaction.
Insurers Build Strategy with Celebrus' Data
News  |  4/16/2014  | 
Real-time tracking of customer click streams and interactions enables carriers to test marketing campaigns with increased accuracy.
Southern Trust Replaces Legacy System with Accenture
News  |  4/16/2014  | 
Accenture solutions will allow Southern Trust to focus on core business practices and position for future growth.
The Changing Face of Insurance Data Breach Risk
Commentary  |  4/15/2014  | 
Our industry has a spotty history of indifference to safeguarding individual privacy. Accepting that e-commerce is a new world with new rules won't be easy for most insurance companies.
Progressive Picks Up Speed with Bolt Platform
News  |  4/15/2014  | 
Software from Bolt will improve the customer experience for Progressive’s Home Advantage Program, the insurer's business leader says.
Insurers Ready to Shell Out for Wearables
News  |  4/15/2014  | 
Consumers will sport almost 112 million wearables by 2018 -- most of them gadgets that track health-related metrics. Insurers have incentives to help the trend along.
Google Glass: Insurance’s Next Killer App
Commentary  |  4/14/2014  | 
New technology innovation that pushes the envelope of miniaturization, portability, and human integration is capable of doing much to advance productivity and efficiency.
Tapping Big Data Analytics to Acquire, Engage and Retain Customers
Commentary  |  4/14/2014  | 
What it takes to fully leverage data for customer acquisition, engagement and retention.
How Amica Builds a Winning Customer Experience
News  |  4/11/2014  | 
Amica, which ranked first in Consumer Reports’ customer service survey for home insurers, discusses its effective approach.
For Insurers, Mobile App Piracy Could Mean Mobile 'Oops'
Commentary  |  4/11/2014  | 
Mobile apps expose both carriers and policyholders to a very real threat of fraud and security breaches.
Heartbleed: Examining The Impact
News  |  4/11/2014  | 
There's little hope of knowing if an asset was breached, if a breach can be identified, or if any data was leaked. Here's how to defend against future attacks.
Heartbleed Will Go On Even After The Updates
News  |  4/11/2014  | 
What's next now that the mindset is 'assume the worst has already occurred?'
Prudential, Esurance Tap Banking Vets to Lead Marketing
News  |  4/10/2014  | 
Appointments portend an influence of retail banking's customer interaction strategies on insurance.
More Than A Half-Million Servers Exposed To Heartbleed Flaw
News  |  4/10/2014  | 
What the newly exposed SSL/TLS threat really means for enterprises and end-users.
IT, Business Exec Gulf Widens, McKinsey Says
News  |  4/10/2014  | 
Just as more businesses recognize IT's strategic importance, dissatisfaction with IT's effectiveness is growing, McKinsey research shows.
Mobile Platform Wars Only Beginning
Commentary  |  4/9/2014  | 
BlackBerry is just an early victim in the platform wars. The likes of Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook will disrupt established product players in enterprises, homes, and cars.
Fireman’s Fund Appoints Former Traveler’s CMO
News  |  4/9/2014  | 
Robyn Hahn brings twenty years of insurance industry experience to Fireman’s Fund.
Enhanced Decision Making Focus of Everest Re's Core Systems Strategy
News  |  4/8/2014  | 
The reinsurer's implementation of a new Xuber for Reinsurers core system will enable the company to be more competitive by improving its capabilities around data and analytics.
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