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Content tagged with Management Strategies posted in September 2014
7 Keys to Insurance Tech Leadership
News  |  9/30/2014  | 
State Street research finds that insurance companies are generally behind where they want to be in digital customer interaction.
Novarica: 40% of Insurers Planning Policy Revamp in 2015
News  |  9/29/2014  | 
Insurance technology spending overall is tracking with premium growth, reports the analyst firm�s annual survey.
What Leadership Traits Are Best for Innovation?
Commentary  |  9/29/2014  | 
Leadership is rightly seen as one of the most critical components of financial services innovation programs.
5 Key Factors in Core Systems Replacement
Commentary  |  9/26/2014  | 
With so many moving parts, it�s critical to get the core project off on the right foot with the selection of the best-fit offering.
Catching Up With: Aflac CIO Julia Davis
News  |  9/25/2014  | 
The supplemental insurance CIO sees her company on the same path as many insurers in more traditional business lines.
Innovation Group Purchases Driven Solutions
News  |  9/25/2014  | 
The acquisition will strengthen Innovation Group�s accident management and repair offerings for fleet and auto insurance.
Simplification: A New Approach to Insurance
Commentary  |  9/24/2014  | 
Insurers must plan long-term simplification strategies to run their businesses and adapt to regulatory pressures.
Accident Fund Hires New CIO
News  |  9/23/2014  | 
Said Tayim has experience at XL Group, State Farm, and Zurich.
Pan-American Life Names VP of International Business Tech
News  |  9/23/2014  | 
Frank Recio plans to implement new business processes to drive system efficiency.
Wayne Gretzky's Lessons for Elite Insurance Sales
Commentary  |  9/22/2014  | 
The skills and successful tactics of the hockey great very much align with best-practices for insurance distribution strategies, including going direct.
Preparing Technology for New Investment Portfolios
Commentary  |  9/20/2014  | 
Insurance investment portfolios are changing. Are your technology and operations prepared?
Following Unit Head Retirements, Focus Moves to 'One AIG'
News  |  9/19/2014  | 
The insurance giant is making the transition to a more streamlined leadership structure under CEO Peter Hancock.
Tech Pioneers Gain the First-Mover Advantage
News  |  9/19/2014  | 
Early adopters of new technologies experience better business outcomes than those who wait.
Oracle Leader Ellison Is Not 'Stepping Down'
News  |  9/19/2014  | 
Oracle announces new titles, but Larry Ellison, Safra Catz, and Mark Hurd say roles won't change. Buried news: Oracle misses earnings.
Using Addressability to Create Scale
Commentary  |  9/18/2014  | 
This approach provides companies with niche appetites the ability to compete at scale with their mass-market competitors.
5 Innovation Insights From Insurance Leaders
Slideshows  |  9/17/2014  | 
Innovation leaders from AXA, Allstate, and more share insight into their processes at the SMA Summit.
Insurers Must Cultivate Relationships With Millenials: J.D. Power
News  |  9/17/2014  | 
Online user experience is crucial in being attractive to the burgeoning Generation Y customer segment.
The Multi-Channel, Multi-Device Dilemma
Commentary  |  9/17/2014  | 
How can insurers provide customers with channel interaction choices without sacrificing service excellence?
AIG Names Kaiser Permanente Vet CIO
News  |  9/16/2014  | 
Philip Fasano has also worked at Capital One and JPMorgan Chase.
The Challenge of Analytics Integration
News  |  9/15/2014  | 
How Society Insurance adopted analytics software to improve service for its workers' compensation policyholders.
Technology Rising, but CIO Influence Falling?
Commentary  |  9/15/2014  | 
Is CIO influence on the rise in this era of technology as the answer to everything, or is it declining because deep technical expertise just doesn�t matter as much anymore?
Why Bigger IT Projects Are Not Always Better
Commentary  |  9/13/2014  | 
Declarations like "We have a megaproject going on" seem designed almost entirely to justify one's existence or to boost one's ego.
Core Systems Transformation: 7 Modernization Best-Practices
Commentary  |  9/13/2014  | 
Continuous planning, execution excellence, strong governance, and robust change management are among the requirements for successful core modernization efforts.
The Mobile Customer of the Future
Commentary  |  9/11/2014  | 
Insurers must use smartphones and tablets for voice communication, geographic information, and -- soon -- payment.
5 Ways an iPad Can Improve Risk Engineering
Commentary  |  9/11/2014  | 
As risks become more complex, best-in-class mobile technology is changing the playing field for the P&C insurance industry.
There's No Innovation Without Execution
Commentary  |  9/10/2014  | 
Insurers are committing to process and product transformation, but it's just empty promises unless they can effectively deliver on these initiatives.
IT�s Time for Innovation
News  |  9/10/2014  | 
IT departments must abandon their perceived status as the gatekeepers of innovation and think toward the future.
Welcome to the New Insurance & Technology Community
Welcome to the New Insurance & Technology Community
Insurance & Technology Videos  |  9/9/2014  | 
The new community site brings the technology community together with improved navigation and new content-sharing features.
5 Largest Insurance M&A Deals of 2014
Slideshows  |  9/9/2014  | 
In a year of high M&A activity for the insurance industry, five transactions have exceeded $1 billion.
5 Areas of Digital Strategy: Where Insurers Stand
Slideshows  |  9/9/2014  | 
Research from Novarica reveals where insurers are placing their focus in the five key areas of digital strategy.
How Recruiters Are Luring Away Your Best Employees
Commentary  |  9/9/2014  | 
Recruiters are using social media and constant contact to understand what candidates need. Insurers seeking to recruit and retain top talent should pay heed.
The Key to Business-Led IT: Strategy Enablement
Commentary  |  9/9/2014  | 
How the CNA team developed and executed on a strategy to improve customer experience through digital channels.
System Modernization: Put Customers at the Core
News  |  9/9/2014  | 
Insurers striving to modernize their core policy administration, billing, and claims systems and processes must put customer experience at the center of these efforts. Breach: The Ripple Effect
News  |  9/8/2014  | 
Hackers breached a test server, reportedly affecting no records, but the repercussions could spread across many medical organizations.
4 Hurdles To Securing The Internet Of Things
News  |  9/5/2014  | 
Why locking down even the tiniest embedded devices is a tall order.
Celeb Hack: Is Apple Telling All It Knows?
News  |  9/4/2014  | 
Did Apple have a system-wide data breach? No. Was it complicit through an appalling security lapse by not defending against brute force attacks? You're darn tootin'!
Apple Not Hacked In Celebrity Nude Photo Breaches
News  |  9/3/2014  | 
'Very targeted attack' on celebrities' Apple usernames, passwords, security questions -- iCloud, Find My iPhone not breached, Apple says.
Aon Risk Sells eSolutions to Symphony Technology
News  |  9/3/2014  | 
Aon will continue to provide eSolutions products to its client base.
Future Of Work: 5 Trends For CIOs
Commentary  |  9/2/2014  | 
Social business, big data, and the Millennial workforce are just some of the trends causing disruption. Here's how CIOs can stay ahead of the curve.

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